written & directed by Gary O. Bennett

A young woman confronts a man who assaulted her fifteen years ago.

Dramatic short, lead.

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written & directed by Elyse Morales

Ava’s girlfriend thinks it’s time to tell her parents, but Ava isn’t sure they’re ready to hear it.

Dramatic short film, lead. (Click here for stills.)



written by Pete Simmons-Hayes & Elyse Morales, directed by Elyse Morales

A man calls 911 after a killer breaks into his house, only to realize his operator and soon-to-be murderer have been trying to rekindle their relationship.

Comedic short film, featured. (Click here for stills.)

*winner of Best Comedic Ensemble and Audience Choice Award at the NYU Tisch 48 Hour Film Festival

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written and directed by Elyse Morales

A young woman scrambles to appease her father by building a shrine to her late sister for Dia de Los Muertes. However, she is quickly reminded how much the tradition means not only to her father, but to herself.

Dramatic short, lead. (Click here for stills.)

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written & directed by Elyse Morales

After a long day, two friends fight over what to watch on TV until an unexpected visitor solves the dilemma for them.

Comedic short, lead. (Click here for stills.)